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Grill like a real BBQ boss.

Your own BBQ table?

Do you want to enjoy a night out with friends or family in Playa de Palma? Make a reservation for one of our spectacular BBQ tables. For only €20,- per person we serve you five different types of meat and enough salads, fries and sauces for everyone. Not sure if this is enough? We also offer the possibility of β€œAll you can eat” at our BBQ tables. For only €25,- per person there’s no limit on meat, salads, fries and sauces.

* Minimum 4 person reservation.

Excellent Service

Excellent and fast service.

BBQ Grill Table

Your own BBQ grill table in El Patio.

Homemade Paella

Delicious homemade paella.

Kids Playground

Enjoy your dinner while the children play.